Grow your Legal Practice with Jurisnet

We help Advocates and Law firms in India to better manage their Legal Practice. Jurisnet integrates with e-Courts, ConfoNET, Supreme court, High Courts, Armed Forces Tribunal and other electronic systems of Indian Judiciary to give you a holistic view of your cases, posting dates, documents, lawyer notices and clients.

Manage your cases easily. Jurisnet offers everything you need to run a legal practice, with powerful features to manage cases, clients, documents, appointments and reporting. You can send case information such as posting dates, posting purpose to your client anytime via e-mail or SMS, either automatically or manually with a click of a button.

e-Courts and ConfoNET Integration. Case posting dates, Acts, FIRs, clients and orders will be pulled from e-Courts and ConfoNET. Once a case is added, posting dates will update automatically. If a case is not present in e-Courts/ConfoNET, you can add posting date manually.

Calendar. With the easy to use Jurisnet calendar and SMS reminder system, you will always be on top of your schedule. Be aware of all your case posting dates, meetings, appointments and events. Synchronize the calendar with your Mobile phone to get instant information about a case when you are on the move.

All your case documents in one place. Getting your documents to Jurisnet is easy. Jurisnet has an efficient upload tool which can be used to move all your files with just a few clicks. Your pleadings, memos, notes, legal research, court orders will be available to you wherever you are. No storage limitations. Jurisnet is cloud-based, we do not have any storage limitations. Upload as much as you want.

Assign tasks and get notified. Jurisnet will autmatically remind you of a pending task or when a task is completed. View all your tasks right from the calendar. Tasks helps you to keep control of what needs to be done for a particular case. You will know what your Juniors or Staff is working. You will also receive a notification when someone has completed a task.